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Saturday, October 17, 2009

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If anyone needs a Demoniod invite send me a message (Site has been in maintenance for over a month now)

Heres a link to the files direct download

Obernewtyn Chronicles 01 - Obernewtyn

This first book of the "Obernewtyn Chronicles" introduces Elspeth Gordie, a Misfit born with enhanced mental powers. To escape a hostile holocaustic society, she manages to get herself sent to Obernewtyn, a Misfit haven where a reclusive doctor is said to be developing a cure for Misfit abilities. Thus begins Elspeth's journey to learn who she is and the destiny she must survive to fulfill.

Obernewtyn Chronicles 02 - The Farseekers
In the sequel to The Obernewtyn Chronicles, the secret community of Misfits has thrived, working industriously to perfect their forbidden mental powers, until Elspeth Gordie and her companions embark on a perilous quest to rescue a powerful Misfit from a distant part of the land and to find and dism

Obernewtyn Chronicles 03 - Ashling
Attempting to negotiate an alliance between the Misfit community at Obernewtyn and rebels hiding in the capital, Elspeth must brave the dangers of the desert in order to completely understand the secrets revealed by the beforetimes library.

Obernewtyn Chronicles 04 - The Keeping Place
After a kidnapping, Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits are forced to join the rebellion against the oppressive Council, using their extraordinary mind powers. But Elspeth must also seek out clues left by the long-dead seer, Kasanda, vital to her quest to destroy the Beforetime weaponmachines. One clue is lost in the past, forcing Elspeth to travel the Dreamtrails, stalked by a terrifying winged beast, with the cat, Maruman, as her guide and guardian. Only there can she learn more of the Beforetimer Misfits and their enemy, Govamen. Gradually Elspeth realises that her quest is intimately linked to the Misfits' refuge Obernewtyn - its past and its future.

Obernewtyn Chronicles 05 - Wavesong
With the end of the wintertime that isolates Obernewtyn from the rest of the world, Farseeker guildmistress Elspeth Gordie again sets out for the lowlands. But she soon finds that not everyone welcomes the changes brought about by the rebellion. There is a traitor among the rebels - a traitor whose hatred of Misfits puts Elspeth in danger as she attempts to thwart an invasion of fanatical Herders.

Obernewtyn Chronicles 06 - The Stone Key
Friend becomes foe and trust is a thing of the past when the Misfits' most relentless enemy turns Elspeth's world upside down. Through coercion and mind control, Ariel stands on the cusp of his ultimate revenge - and it falls to Elspeth to rescue a former ally whose mind and body have been manipulated to unleash a plague that will destroy all it touches.



    Is the new link to not only this series but many many more 8gig of ebooks If any books are mising from the series let me know

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the upload, but the torrent isn't seeded and the direct download link isn't working. The link in the comment seems to be to an empty page.

    I don't suppose you could upload them?


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